Deploying software on the Linux operating system can be extremely difficult due to various incompatibilities that exists between different variants of Linux so that a deployed software for one version of Linux would mostly never work on another version of Linux or a different version of the same Linux brand. These variations therefore make the task of deploying software very difficult on Linux.

There has been various techniques over the years that have assisted in software deployment, examples include packaging systems like RPM,DEB that exists on some Linux versions. As sophisticated as these packaging systems might be, they are not able to create portable executables than can run everywhere. Further these techniques don't provide an easy means of running software applications that are easily deployable.

Since packaging systems don't provide a means of creating self sufficient executables, installation of software using these systems could lead to a bad customer/users experience or could even frustrate them all together especially when large number of dependencies needs to be downloaded over the internet when the dependencies are not found on the operating system. There is also the method of static compilation, this technique does'nt solve the problem either because static compiling is known to break plugins and may need lots of configurations and tweaks to work.

ELFex Linker was desgined to eliminate all these problems by providing the ability for developers to convert dynamic executables into a static executable with all its dependencies, plugins and other files included into a portable executable without the need of recompiling. The resulting executable can be executed on any version of the Linux operating system and is guaranteed to work flawlesly.

Here are some features of ELFex Linker:

ELFex Linker is the ultimate solution for creating and deploying portable software on Linux.

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